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Here's the Catch the Dream Express Ezine!

Volume 2:2009

Issue 1: February

Table of Contents

  1. A note from Maria Mar

  2. Next Dream Alchemist Radio Show: Invoking Venus

  3. What you are saying

  4. Event Calendar

  5. Feature Article: Set Yourself on Fire! My true love story

  6. Recent blog entries

  7. Ask the Dream Alchemist

  8. The Friendship Valentine Gift for Women

  9. Links and resources

A note from Maria Mar

Come celebrate St. Valentine with me at the Dream Alchemist Medicine Talks in Samba Cafe, NY.Hi beautiful sisters,


Venus is talking. She is calling us to nurture and attract love. It is essential that we return magic and romance to our relationships, starting with our self-intimacy. We need to take time to heal our heart and listen to its quiet wisdom. When the Goddess talks, I listen. As a priestess of the Goddess, it is my joy to let the light of her love shine upon everyone I meet. So I've decided to do not one, not two, but THREE Oh! so romantic and magical events to celebrate St. Valentine.


For all of you beautiful ladies living outside New York, I will celebrate another of our magical ceremonies in the Dream Alchemist Radio Show on Monday, on Monday, February 9, 2009. Invoking Venus will guide you in the ritual of creating a Venus Dream Basket to keep, nurture or attract your Soulmate and to make you divinely sizzling and magnetic for this year.


For those of you who live in New York, I invite you to join me LIVE in the first of my Dream Alchemist Medicine Talks at the lovely French-style Samba Cafe in East Harlem. We will be talking about The 7 Faces of Romantic Love. Join me on Sunday, February 15 at 3PM for a friendly and inspiring conversation on romantic love. Come earlier for an excellent Brunch.


Finally, for all of you who treasure your girlfriends and want to do something special for them in St. Valentine, I have created an charming event. No matter where you are in the USA, you can gather your girlfriends for an inspiring conversation and art show with me. Let's celebrate the art of friendship this month with a special Private Online Friendship Group, just your friends, you and me in my cyber studio for an enchanting experience.


I wish you self-acceptance and self-love so complete and powerful that they attract and ignite your Soulmate in an irresistible embrace.


Light and Love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

PD: The roses in the picture are for you! Come celebrate St. Valentine with me.

Next Dream Alchemist Radio Show: Invoking Venus

Maria Mar in

The Dream Alchemist

Radio Show



Group Ceremony 

Invoking Venus


Whether you already have your soulmate or are looking for him (or her), you want to invoke the beauty, grace, magnetism and sweet loving energy of Venus. Known by many names, among them Ochún, Kuan Yin, Lakshmi or Aphrodite, the Divine Female Essence of Love is the fountain of joy and delight. Join Maria Mar in this group ceremony for women. Awaken your sassy, loving, self-confident and joyful Goddess in this celebratory ceremony. We will do a Venus Dream Basket to nurture your love magnetism and attract/keep your soulmate.


Materials: Small basket, like 5" in diameter, bell or bell-sounding instrument, string, 5 objects that symbolize your Venus Gifts. Your photo. Optional: A photo of your beloved or drawing of your ideal soulmate and a heart painted on cardboard or something in the shape of a heart (like a stone or bead.)


For a description of Venus Gifts, visit our most recent blog.


for the radio show.


February 9
, 2008



10PM EST, 7PM Pacific

New starting time!




PHONE NO. 712-432-3000

PIN NO: 376861



Click above.

What you are saying

Thank You, Maria Mar for giving us empowerment with your life story. You are a wonderful person with a lot of talents that are blessings for those who are in need of healing and empowerment. Angie’s* talents are coming out stronger and in a place where people are in need of them. Love, Prosperity and happiness for you, the star shinning.

Migdalia Santiago


*Angie is my Inner Wonder Child, who appears in my inspirational novel and other writings.

Migdalia Santiago

Social worker and writer


Event Calendar

Tanya Torres, Maria Mar and Corazon Tierra. Click to engage Photo Album.Live, on stage, New York

The Poetry Botánica opened its doors with several entertaining and healing events, showcasing art that heals and transforms by artists Maria Mar, Corazon Tierra and Tanya Torres.


 Visit the photo album of the last event.

Next Poetry Botánica

coming up: May 2009.

Read more about this event.

Celebrate St. Valentine with Maria Mar!
The Dream Alchemist Medicine Talks at Samba Cafe, East Harlem.

CLick to read more.


Come have Sunday brunch and then stay to talk about life, love, dreams and spiritual living with me. Ask questions. I will answer. Let's take time to connect, reflect, laugh and relax and to support each other in living a life of quality.


DATE: The first talk will be Sunday, February 15, the day after St. Valentine.


TOPIC: The 7 Faces of Romantic Love

Let's take a look at the 7 aspects of love that must be in balance if we want to keep, nurture or attract our Soulmate.


OPEN TO: All adults who believe in romantic love! Bring your significant other or date, or your desire for a soulmate. Also bring single friends, to help single people meet their Soulmates!

TIME: Brunch begins at 1PM. Talk begins at 3PM.


Click here to ask a question.

Let me know that your question is for The Dream Alchemist Medicine Talk.


165 East 106th Street, New York City, 10029/Between Lexington and Third Avenue

Click to read more and see the tasty delights.


Live, on stage, USA

Have a LifeBite! Maria Mar presents a chunk of life on stage. The Dream Alchemist presents a moving, engaging performance that brings the wisdom of Catch the Dream Express to live audiences. Using poetry, dance-theatre and shamanic tools for individual and collective transformation, Maria Mar presents mirrors of today's problems. She then offers easy, do-able solutions. Available for booking in the USA. Read more.


Online, global

Online Private Friendship Groups. Create a private online event just for your friends (or clients) and enjoy an intimate, inspiring chat with Maria Mar. The event includes an inspirational slide show with music and photography, conversation and question and answer session. Offer limited. Read more.


Feature Article: Are you an Active Dreamer or a Daydreamer?


Set Yourself on Fire!

A true story of my journey through love


"“When you truly give up trying to be whole through others, you end up receiving what you always wanted from others.”

Shakti Gawain
Author and Personal Growth Expert


I’m a veteran of many love wars and I have the scars to prove it. What has stayed with me, however, is not the pain, but the blessings love has given me. I have been blessed with meeting not one, but three Soulmates.


I have lived three separate lifetimes in this life. In each life, I was a different woman. Each of these women met her soulmate, and each of them lost him. I want to share with you the journey of these three women, so that you find in this story the signs that may guide you in your own search or relation with your soulmate.


The Young Poet

I met Victor when I was blooming. I was bursting out of the cocoon where I had been growing. I exuded poetry. My spiritual powers were also emerging, but I was completely clueless. I was hungry for magic, love, poetry and freedom. In short, I was hungry for all the things I was and already had inside me. The problem was that I did not stop long enough, dive deep enough, or love myself fully enough to know this. Victor was my Sacred Mirror: a sort of romantic hero who handled words with the same flair as he championed political freedom. I did not know then that a man who believes that power is control is terrified of a woman’s spiritual power. When the telepathic powers between us grew beyond rational explanation, Victor escaped, shortly after we began planning our wedding.


The Passionate Dancer

It took me many years to get over my heartbreak, but I did not stop to grieve or reflect on my experience. I was too scared to feel the depth of my pain. Then I met Omar. You know that you’ve come home when you fit into each other’s arms like hand and glove. It took me a while to open my heart again, however. But Omar was in no hurry. We walked the streets of New York, spreading magic wherever we went. People could not resist turning their heads and smiling as we passed them by. When we danced, the orchestra would stop to dedicate the music to us. Our aura was captivating. When we finally made love, it was perfect, exquisite. It was as sacred sex should be. We went to heaven in each other’s arms. When we woke up the next morning, both of us were terrified. Neither of us was ready for the perfection of our union. We began looking for excuses and disappeared, each running in a different direction. I closed my heart with lock and bolt.


The Artist

But the heart of a poet cannot be closed forever, or her poetry withers. I met Marcello in Christmas Eve. We were both grieving for a lost love. We went out to drown our loneliness in the celebrations. The minute our eyes met, two stars that had illumined us from afar dove into them, becoming one. From that moment on, it was painful to part. Marcello was an artist. He introduced me to visual arts, which years later I would develop professionally. Again, I was meeting a Sacred Mirror. Marcello’s presence was like a tree, silent, rooted on the green earth and healing. We communicated without words, feeling each other’s presence in our bones. By now, I was a bit wiser and knew that I had a rare jewel in my hands, a miracle that had been given to me for a third time. I would not let it go out of fear. But Marcello did. He was married. I found out too late, when my heart was already his. Though he loved me, Marcello was too scared to leave his well-built life for this magical adventure that may or not work. For years, we struggled with a relation that wounded our integrity. Finally, I decided that our love would have to transcend our desire if it was to honor our spirit. We parted as friends. Marcello left me an important knowledge. He showed me exactly the way I wanted to be loved.


The Wise Woman

There was a time in which I sought love to escape from myself. There was a time in which I cherished my beloved as a surrogate for the love I should have given myself.


That was a long, long time ago. I have achieved everything that I sought in my beloved. I love and accept myself completely, and that’s a mouthful! I have awakened all my creative powers. I own the magic that I am, the love that pours generously from me, the joy and passion that emanate from my Essence. I have a poem that sums it up.


You are the guest.

I am the festivity.


What I discovered is that passion, magic and romance must first nest in our hearts, thrive in our bodies and dance through our daily lives. Only then, can we attract, and more importantly, retain these qualities in our love relationship. We must romance life. We must enchant ourselves. We must set ourselves on fire. That is, dear sisters and brothers, the most powerful invocation to love.


Light and love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist


Copyright Maria Mar(c) 2009.

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Recent blog entries

Awaken your Venus Gifts

Create a Venus Dream Basket.

I am living my dream! Come sing with me.

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St. Valentine is around the corner:


Give your Friends the Gift of Dreams


Online Private Friendship Groups. Create a private online event just for your friends (or clients) and enjoy an intimate, inspiring chat with Maria Mar. The event includes an inspirational slide show with music and photography, conversation and question and answer session. Maria will answer your questions about the Law of Attraction and will give individual and group help with manifesting your Personal Dreams. For women only. Limited offer. Read more.

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I'll get you to see and understand how you are currently creating your reality and break through those limits that keep you back. I can help you take a quantum leap. I am here for you and will help you lovingly and joyfully, with impeccable honesty but also with compassion and humor.

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Resources for your Dream


Maria, I  dream of~~


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About Maria Mar, the Dream Alchemist
Maria Mar is a a new renaissance woman who has freed her vast creative power through her training as a Woman of Power. She is a published author, visual artist, life coach and book writing coach. She is also an internationally known shaman and spiritual teacher. As a dance-theatre performer, Maria has been featured in PBS, Channel 13 for her innovative work. She has also been featured in BronxNet television and numerous radio stations such as WBAI, WKCR (Columbia University Station), WADO (Spanish Radio), Brooklyn College Radio Station and La Nueva Onda 1190, among others.

Maria has taught creative writing for more than 15 years in the public school system and to adult women. She has brandished creativity and the arts as tools for life transformation and specializes in personal growth through the arts and freeing the creative process.

She has published half a dozen books, among them the Dream Kit (inspirational novel and workbook) and is the CEO of ShamansDance Publishing and Productions. Maria is available for engaging speaking presentations in which she uses dance-theatre and poetry as ceremonies of empowerment and to communicate the principles of female leadership. Read full biography.

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