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Catch the Dream Express Ezine

Issue 6: December 2009


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Hi beautiful sisters and brothers,


The happiest season of the year is here, and I am thrilled to share this joy with you. If you missed our greetings, click on the graphic to enjoy my holiday art and message, created especially to say "I love you!"



It's been a year of great growth and transformation, though you may have been bombarded by messages that say the contrary. The thing that many are missing is that transformation requires release. Sometimes what we need to release in order to obtain what is best for us is something that we are attached to or something that hurts when we let go. Please believe me when I say that moments like this, that seem scary ~even critical~ are truly the moments when the doors of our dreams are opening to us. Let's celebrate that growth. I invite you to release. Let go of fear, worry and attachments to things that may be holding you back. Step through the open doors! Your Dream is waiting at the other side.


You can see the transformation in my life by the transformation of this newsletter.  I dedicate my growth this year to you. I hope to share it in all my offerings and hope that you can benefit from the muses and the guidance that bless my life.





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Special Holiday Offer

These holidays, my guidance is to anchor the Holiday Spirit in the solid ground of self-love. To help you do this, I have created four Self-love Digital Product Collections.


The Holiday Gifts of Self-love allow you to simplify your holiday shopping, stay on budget and deliver gifts that nurture self-love in your loved ones while getting there easily and immediately. No shopping crowds. No crowded trains with frustrated people shoving you left and right. No time wasted that can be used in sharing. Go green! Save gift-wrapping, ribbons and TREES!


My gift to you is this: Give a Gift Certificate and you get your own gift FREE! Click banner to find out more.






Exciting Announcement! Wooohooo!  


Our books are on their way!


We've been working for a while now on all the legal and administrative aspects to begin publishing our books. We have finally found a printing company and are now finalizing the contract to begin printing our books. Our printer will be Lightning Source. This service will allow us to sell both individual orders and bulk orders that are delivered quickly and easily to your doorsteps. Whoopee!


Our first printed book will be my novel Angelina and the Law of Attraction: A woman's journey from doubt to manifestation. The digital edition of this novel is part of the downloadable home study course Catch the Dream Express: Law of Manifestation for Women, (also known as the Dream Kit), which you can now purchase at our website.


Pre-order the book now and get a signed copy!





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YOU on the Spotlight! Odaly Cruz Neophytou


Odaly sent me this beautiful message via Facebook:


"My sister, sometimes we do things without even imagining who we will touch or how. That's you. You touch my soul, inspiring me to breathe slowly, to touch time with my belly. This makes me happy. Among other things, it makes me feel less alone, more human. Who could have said that in spite the 40 miles that separate us, my tears of happiness are also crying in your window. May this new year be a continuation --a thousand times improved-- of all your beautiful works for us, and may your light continue shining, guiding people like me, who need it. Big kiss!" Ody


Who is Odaly?

I am Holistic Medicine/Sexual Education Therapist and a Natural Foods Chef. I love baking and cooking for my Hubby Fytos, he is my main source of inspiration. I'm very grateful to have him in my life.


Photo of Odaly








LifeByte #2


The best gifts are not tangible,

but they are durable.



I love Christmas! But instead of being joyful, I am stressed out. My husband was laid off. I am working longer hours. There's more people to give to, but less money to spend. Really, I'm beginning to feel that Christmas is about shopping and things, and I hate what this does to me and to the holidays!



What is essential to your joy?

Transform this essential experience into your holiday present to yourself and others. Create Experiential Gifts that share your joyful experiences with others. You will avoid the shopping stress while enhancing the quality of your holidays and your relationships. Create invitations to share special moments with your loved ones. From playing in the snow to star-gazing, invite each of your loved ones to spend an unforgettable moment with you. After all, it's the experience of sharing that lives in our memories forever, not the things we got. Gift the gift of joy! Read more.




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Feature Article


Bless Away your Holiday Stress


There are four main sources of Holiday Blues or Stress: Broken Heart, Broken Back, Broken Bag or Broken Compass.




The tree is up. The lights are on. The music plays. The Holidays are here, full of bright colors, smiles and good spirits. So why do you feel so blah? You go along and do the deeds, but your heart is not in it.

Or perhaps you are feeling quiet the opposite, like a renegade train running so fast that it is missing the Holiday station! Could it be that you are speeding past the Holiday Spirit? Read on and find out what is causing your Holiday stress and how to bless it away.

There are four main sources of Holiday blues or stress: Broken Heart, Broken Back, Broken Bag or Broken Compass. Letís take a quick look at each:

Broken Heart
You have experienced an emotional loss. You got divorced or you are remembering a loved one that died recently or during the Christmas season. Basically, you are grieving.

Broken Back
You are the victim of too many pressures, exhaustion or emotional stress. You are rushing around so much that you canít catch your breath long enough to smell the scent of the Holidays. Or you are so tired that you feel like you got a ton of snow weighing on your Psychic Shoulders.

Broken Bag
You are jobless, suffered financial cuts or in some other way are experiencing a financial crisis that makes it hard or impossible to shop, give, entertain or celebrate the Holidays as youíve done before.

Broken Compass
Something is askew. You canít find your joy. You feel depleted, empty. You know you should be happy, but you canít celebrate. You feel that you have lost your Personal Compass.

If any of this is true for you or for someone dear to you, then there is one powerful way in which you can release the burden that is keeping you from celebrating the Holidays.

This path is not easy, but it is powerful enough to turn drab blue into bright red and bring the Holidays alive again. It is the path of Self-love.

Self-love is many things to many people, it is different in each situation, and it can be a tall order to tackle. But here we are going to focus on four simple self-love approaches, one for each of the problems above. Each approach has one thing in common: a blessing.

Click below to find out the four ways to

Bless Away Holiday Stress!


Choose the option you need:




More Holiday Inspiration at

Read my article:

Plant your Holiday Spirit in the ground of Self-love.

This article offers:

More information on the Holiday Blues or Stress, and

Enjoy a 3-minute Meditation to feed your self-love throughout the holidays.





Daily Tip


What makes these days holy for you? Ask your heart. Then create a Christmas mantra or jingle to remind you.

Find out how.











Stories to inspire you


The Wounded Healer

The story of Misa Hopkins



In the world tradition of shamans and healers, there is an archetype that resonates with most cultures through time: the Wounded Healer.


When people ask me what a shaman is I often respond that s/he is a person who suffered a disease or wound and in healing herself, became able to heal others. The wound may be physical, emotional or spiritual, and hence, the diverse fields in which a shaman can act.


This is the case of Misa Hopkins, though she is not a shaman, but a reverend. In her own words:


"I was an adult woman producing as much testosterone as a boy in puberty. I knew that I needed to understand and heal the psychological reason why my female body was becoming male, seemingly on its own and without my conscious permission.

To understand my abnormal hormone production, I began listening to urgings from my silent meditations to embrace yet more stillness and less activity in my life. In a process of getting quiet and listening with compassion to my thoughts and feelings, I uncovered and healed the abuse that cause me to break faith with being feminine."


Misa was plagued with several diseases that took her into a deep, long healing journey. Through her commitment to choose health and her courage to walk through disease to embrace life, she discovered the essential principles of self-healing.


Reverend Misa Hopkins is an author, metaphysical teacher and lecturer. Co-founder and spiritual director of the New Dream Foundation, she is dedicated to serving the needs of people seeking greater healing, peace and purpose in their lives. Misa has helped people around the world discover their own natural abilities to heal, and to embrace their unique mystical and divine gifts.


To discover the principles of self-healing that Misa shares, learn more about her book The Root of All Healing: Seven Steps to Healing Anything.






People helping people

Christmas is the time for giving

If you are considering volunteering to help those less fortunate than you to have a better holiday, here are organizations that help you volunteer, and some that have special projects for the holidays.


How to volunteer at Christmas
Article on volunteering at Christmas.

Make a Wish Foundation: Season of Wishes Program
Help someone's wish become a reality this holiday.

Food Bank for New York city
Help feed the homeless.

Do Something!
Ideas on volunteering

Volunteer Match
Offers you volunteer opportunities by location and preferences

New borns in Need

This agency has chapters on many states and helps you help new born with your time, give-away or presence. Find a chapter near you.

Baby Cuddlers
Enjoy the unconditional love of babies and renew your heart as you give by becoming a Baby Cuddler. There are many babies in hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages that need human touch or they will die. This site gives you the information you need to explore that volunteer possibility.



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Ken Kendall: What she needs from you

As the majority of my clients are women, I usually look for women experts and resources designed for women. But this blog blew me away with the power of a man's heart. Ken Kendall is a blogger and a husband deeply in love with his wife. He has a blog in which he inspires men to understand and fulfill the needs and desires of that special woman in their lives. Check it out. It's a breath of fresh air. Why not send it to your guy? ):


What she needs from you


My favorite entry so far is "You take my breath away". So romantic! Read it here.


Recommended Book

The Roadmap Home:

Your GPS to Inner Peace

By Leonard Szymczak

"I am having a peaceful, rich and healing inner journey each time I pick up Leonardís book to read a chapter."

Maria Mar

Read my Book Review.


This is my blessing for you today:



May you feel the kiss of the dolphins in your dreams, awakening in the morning with the tender impression that joy is in the air you breathe, in the water you drink, in every tiny blessing of your ordinary days and in the extraordinary life you live today.




Light and Love,



Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist





About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is an author, speaker and ceremonialist poet. She is also a spiritual teacher and an internationally known shaman who inspires women to manifest the life of their dreams. She offers books, digital products and coaching, art that heals and transforms as well as performances, speaking engagements and other live and online events to help you become the protagonist of your life and the creator of your destiny. Find out more at


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