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We often forget that a gift is not necessarily an object to posses. Some of the best gifts in life are shared joyful experiences.

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist

Experiential Holiday Gifts

What is essential to your joy?

Transform this essential experience into your Holiday present to yourself and others. Create experiential gifts that share your joyful experiences with others. You will avoid the shopping stress while enhancing the quality of your Holidays and your relationships. Gift the gift of joy!

Idea list:

  • You love to play in the snow. Your gift can be an invitation to a friend to go to the park together in a snowy day to play in the snow, followed by a warm cocoa drink at your favorite place.
  • You love to skate on ice. Your present can be a ticket to skate with you in the local skating ring.
  • You love to share a good conversation in front of the fireplace. Your gift can be  with an invitation to a home-made dinner and talking about common topics in front of your fireplace.
  • You love books. Your present can be a trip to the local bookstore with you buying your friend her favorite book and reading it while savoring some cappuccinos.

  • You want to get a massage. Invite your friend to get a massage with you in a fabulous spa, your treat. (Bonus: In some spas, you get a discount if you come as a group.)


You get the idea. Get creative. You can avoid the shopping stress and experience a truly meaningful and joyful Holiday!


If you feel that not giving something physical during gift exchanges stops you from giving experiential gifts, I've offered fun presentation ideas for the Holiday Gift of Self-love and our Gift Certificates that apply also to experiential gifts. Check out these fun ideas!

If you feel that people are too busy during the Holidays to do stuff together, extend the invitation to after the Holidays. That way you will extend your Holiday experience!


Wishing you a joy filled Holiday,


Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist



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