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Working the Law of Attraction

No. 1: Breaking the Dam to
the Flow of the Law of Attraction


 By Maria Mar

Author of the

Dream Kit


About Maria Mar

The Law of Attraction works on a simple principle. Everything that exists is a continuum of energy. There is no true separation between what you want and you. The only separation is perception. Yet, perception creates the world, and therefore, in the world you perceive now, there is a separation between the life you live and the life you want.


From a spiritual perspective, however, you are and have always been the woman you dream of becoming. You were born being your Dream. Then you were told a lie, and you believed the lie and forgot your truth. This is the Domestication Trance, or the Shadow aspect of socialization. As the adults around you transfer their own limitations, prejudices, learned perceptions and false believes to you, the Mask of Self grew around you, like a cast on a leg. Your perception of yourself and of the world got limited and distorted. You heard their perception of who you were and began to believe it. When you did not please them, they might have called you lazy, disobedient, stupid, inconsiderate, selfish or even worse. You heard it so often, that you absorbed this self-concept, even if you fought it. Even if you were conscious in some part of you that this was not fair and you were not like this, you still absorbed it. A child learns to see the world through the eyes of her elder. Your Eyes Were Stolen and you are, to a great degree, still seeing through those old eyes.


But there is good news! Your Soul holds the memory of your Essence. It sends you strong desires and dreams to help you remember. Your Personal Dream is your memory of your true self. Let's call her the DreamSelf.


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Catch the Dream Express is a powerful, stress-free ride that helps you crack the Mask of Self: the lie you adopted as Self. Spiritual teachers call it the Ego-self. Shamans call it your Personal Identity. When this mask falls, you see your DreamSelf dancing in the light, dancing from the center, dancing in Grace within you.



From a shamanic perspective, The Mask of Self is made of learned limits that block your connection to the Universe. These learned limits create your perception and expectation, and they act as blinders, as molds that keep shaping your life to the old forms you learned. Magic has been defined as a change in perception that changes your world. This is what you want. You want to break the Mask of Self, to release those blinders, to Reclaim your Own Eyes, and to release the old patterns from your unconscious mind and your cellular and subtle energy patterns.


As the mask melts, the flow opens and you activate the Law of Attraction. Life's exuberant River of Affluence flows freely through your being. Your cells begin to spin at a different frequency because they are not constrained by a specific perception. Your cells have released the old patterns that constrained them and have access to a wider universe of information. In shamanic terms, you are walking the Path of Freedom. You are not truly human, truly free, acting from Self-choice or free choice, instead of Habit-choice.


From a shamanic perspective, what has changed is not your material environment, but the way you perceive it, and therefore, the way you receive it and respond to it. In changing this, you actually live in another environment, which you are co-creating with the other beings in that same wavelength. This is the turning point when you have shed the World that was Painted Over your Eyes and are now able to see, experience, reclaim and be your DreamSelf.


The new science of epigenetics illuminates how our mind (perceptions, attitudes and emotions) shapes biology and behavior. Throughout infancy, our primary perceptions of life were programmed with cultural beliefs. Since perceptions shape behavior and gene activity, cultural beliefs become biology.


Dr. Bruce Lipton

Author of: The Biology of Belief

Web article

His book, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness Matter and Miracles, an LA Times Bestseller won Best Science Book of the Year by USA Book News in 2006. He has been a guest speaker on numerous radio and television programs, and a sought after keynote presenter for national organizations. (


Your cells, so to speak, have shed the carcass that was programmed by your old beliefs, cultural and family limitations and is now able to receive and respond to the memory of self that your Soul brought to this world. You ARE your Dream.


This is a creative, emotional, physical, cellular, energetic and life transforming process, not a little project that you can schedule in a week-end. Ceremonies and rituals, arts and crafts, journal writing, meditation, reading and conscious living, body tools and other transformational tools keep you moving through this process and help you release the old patterns so that you can access the wisdom in your own Genuine Self.


That's what Catch the Dream Express helps you achieve. It is a shamanic, transformative journey to your DreamSelf. It is also a story I have written to move you deeply at an unconscious, emotional and cellular level. It stirs up your Ancestral Wisdom and helps you see the implanted cultural patterns that have become so ingrained that they are invisible to you. It then leads you through a series of adventures to examine, understand, release and transform the obstacles standing in the way of your dream. The workbook and audio help you apply all this to your every day life.


There is no more time to waste. Earth and humanity are changing at incredible speed. We are actually shedding the collective Mask of Self that has lead to our alienation from the Universe and erosion of our habitat. Your own liberation, your own freedom from your perceptual limitations, will accelerate our human evolution. If you keep asleep in the Domestication Trance, you are part of the problem.


Become part of the solution now. Wake up to the Dream you are!


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Maria Mar is a writer, visual artist, life coach and book writing coach and an internationally known shaman, as well as a dance-theatre performer. Maria has been featured in PBS and BronxNet television and numerous radio stations such as WBAI, WKCR (Columbia University Station), WADO (Spanish Radio), Brooklyn College Radio Station and La Nueva Onda 1190. Maria has brandished creative writing, arts & crafts and conscious living as a tool for life transformation and specializes in personal growth through the arts and freeing the creative process. She is known as the Dream Alchemist, helping individuals and groups awaken to their potential. She is the CEO of ShamansDance Publishing and Productions and the author of Catch the Dream Express: Ride the Law of Attraction into your Dream.

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