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Working the Law of Attraction

No. 2 Women Rule in the Law of Attraction!


By Maria Mar

Author of the self-help novel

Catch the Dream Express:

Ride the Law of Attraction into your Dream


About Maria Mar
Do you know that women can activate the Law of Attraction easier than men? Most women have easier access to many of the Alchemical Keys that open the flow of the  Law of Attraction. Many of the Female Powers you have learned to see as "weak" or "girly" or even powerless are essential in the process of manifestation. This is true of qualities such as:
  • Intuition
  • Emotions
  • Opening the heart
  • Receiving and connecting
  • Communion and Oneness
  • Sensuality and connection with one's body
  • Empathy

Other qualities, deeply associated with or socially cultivated in women, are also key in the manifestation process. Such is the case of:

  • Deep faith
  • Connection with the beauty and sacredness of the world
  • Vulnerability or the capacity to be touched, even wounded emotionally
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Ceremonial practices

If this is true, why haven't you attracted what you desire? Because most women have learned to:

  • Devalue the very powers that facilitate manifestation.
  • Focus their attention on others and feel guilty of wanting or dreaming for themselves.
  • Dread leaving their loved ones behind and bind their own feet, staying stuck.
  • Reject power because it has been defined as control and abuse over others.
  • Have a war between love and power, success and spirituality, creativity and money.

To help women break through these inner obstacles, I wrote the self-help novel (and workbook) Catch the Dream Express. It is a manifestation journey designed for women. It helps you reclaim the Female Powers that are Alchemical Keys to ignite the Law of Attraction, magnetizing the allies and resources to manifest your Dream.  It also helps you to release the fears, limitations, Inner Enemies and misconceptions that are sabotaging your potential.

In the process of releasing your organic Law of Attraction talent, you as a woman need to reclaim the Female Face of Power. In other words, you need to examine those skills, abilities, talents and dispositions that are organic to you as women as well as those that women have cultivated socially. You need to reclaim the power in them. Many of these qualities have been either devalued or made invisible. Let's take an example.

The Power of Receptivity

Have you ever heard receptivity described as a power before? Probably not. On the other hand, you may have heard it called passivity. You are probably familiar with being on a room with a majority of men, and finding yourself doing more listening than talking. You may have noticed, after a while, that you were almost invisible. If you are observant, you may have realized that the competitive way men communicate is about aggressively taking territory, calling attention to themselves, positioning and other such aggressive communication tactics. There is, by the way, nothing intrinsically wrong with this way. It is just out of balance when the person or group lacks its counterpart: receptivity.

Part of receptivity is listening. It is a great power. Salespeople learn very early on that a good listener is a good salesperson. Yet, you are never told that listening is powerful. Quiet the opposite, as a girl you learn that you are seen as quiet, shy, not having anything to say, passive and powerless if you listen more than you talk.

To activate the Law of Attraction, you need to reclaim that power, to cleanse it of negative stigma so that you can open yourself, listen to the design, the song of life, and through your Receptive Power, listening skills and intuition, learn to align yourself with the Divine Design, the Sacred Signs and the allies that the Universe sends you. Receptive Power allows you to RECEIVE what you are requesting from the Universe. This may seem obvious, but in my experiences, many of us spend our energy fighting for what we want, but repel it when it comes our way because we have not open a space to receive it.

Creativity: The Alchemy to quicken Manifestation

Another practice which helps you as a woman activate the flow of the Law of Attraction is creativity, especially arts and crafts and storytelling, including journal writing. For centuries these activities have been seen primarily as belonging to the women in the community, and as such, they have been devalued. Yet, these are the very alchemical tools that shamans and alchemists everywhere use to quicken the Law of Attraction.

In my training as a shaman, I discovered that arts and crafts have been used by shamans through centuries to quicken manifestation, healing and transformation. From the sand paintings of the Native Americans and Tibetans to the drumming and dancing of African Sangomas, to the chants of Latin American Curanderos, art is the road that leads to your desire. By creating an arts project, you give form, color and dimensions to your abstract desire, speeding up its manifestation in the material world. Women have done this for centuries through weaving baskets, belts, bags, blankets and other objects which they have imbued with their stories, personal power and desires.

That is why I created Catch the Dream Express as a shamanic, transformative journey to awaken those Alchemical Keys that you as a woman can wield to activate the Law of Attraction. It is also a story I have written to move you deeply at an unconscious, emotional and cellular level. It stirs up your Ancestral Female Wisdom and helps you use your organic strengths as a woman to quicken the manifestation of your Personal Dream.  It then leads you through a series of adventures to examine, understand, release and transform the obstacles standing in the way of your dream. The workbook and audio help you apply all this to your every day life. In the novel, Angelina, the female protagonist, is creating an alchemical project. In the membership version of the Dream Express, I guide you through your own creation of the Dream Basket and other arts and crafts projects and ceremonies, so that you can manifest your dream using your female strengths.

I encourage you to release those learned limitations that are stealing your organic Female Wisdom, so that you can live your dream. In doing so, you unlock the manifestation process for yourself, your loved ones and for the next generation of women.

Stay tune to my articles and visit my blog to find out how to release the obstacles to your dream using your Female Powers.


Light and Love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist


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Maria Mar is a writer, visual artist, life coach and book writing coach and an internationally known shaman, as well as a dance-theatre performer. Maria has been featured in PBS and BronxNet television and numerous radio stations such as WBAI, WKCR (Columbia University Station), WADO (Spanish Radio), Brooklyn College Radio Station and La Nueva Onda 1190. Maria has brandished creative writing, arts & crafts and conscious living as a tool for life transformation and specializes in personal growth through the arts and freeing the creative process. She is known as the Dream Alchemist, helping individuals and groups awaken to their potential. She is the CEO of ShamansDance Publishing and Productions and the author of Catch the Dream Express: Ride the Law of Attraction into your Dream.

Visit her websites at: and

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