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 By Maria Mar©


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If you are hearing the debates about our economy, you are probably stressed, confused, angry and afraid. Your emotions play a key role in your capacity to activate or block the flow of the Law of Attraction. Fear blocks the flow. Faith, as a connection to The Source, activates the flow. At this moment you need to raise your emotional vibrations, so that you can be more open to attract the best, to follow your intuitive wisdom and to receive your best guidance. This article, the third in a series of four, is meant to raise your vibrational frequencies while connecting you to Soul and to the Source.


One word of caution: these exercises only work if you do them. So take 10 minutes to do them now. Then bookmark the page or copy/paste/print so that you can do them at least once a day. Ten minutes is definitely not too much time to uplift your vibrations and promote your wellbeing, peace and prosperity in these difficult times.


Make Death your Ally

To uplift your vibrations today, let's start with death. Yes, you heard right. I am going to bring your vibrations up in the middle of a scary financial crisis by talking about death.


The remembrance that we are mortal works as an instant distillation of the truly important things in our life. I call these Life Essentials. As shamans, we are taught to make Death our Ally. Let's see how this can work to uplift your vibration.


While recession brings uncertainty to the foreground, the truth about life is that there is no certainty. Any illusion of certainty we have is just that, an illusion. Only one thing is certain in life. We will die. Perhaps it will be in 20 years or in 10. Perhaps it will be tomorrow.


When you consider the certainty or proximity of death, what are the moments worth living? What are the activities, people and place worth spending time with? In my experience, most of these Life Essentials cost very little if anything at all. This is perhaps the best moment to place these essentials in the foreground of your time.


Take 2 minutes today to name your Life Essentials. Name at least four and schedule them for this week and next week. Bring them to the foreground of your life, using the time that would otherwise be lost in worrying or frantically searching for solutions. Release all that scrambling and hold what is most valuable close to your heart right now. I'll start.


My Life Essentials

  1. Inspiring those people I love and those people that have been brought into my circle of action is one of the most satisfying things I do. If one in 20 sends me back a note telling me it made a difference, this makes me very happy. That's why I chose to write this article instead of watching one more bad debate.

  2. Sharing with my loved ones and supporting them in small things that bring warm to their heart makes my heart warm. That is why I made a lentil soup and had it ready for my best friend when she arrived from rehearsals today. That is why I took time to listen to another friend about some spiritual questions and a story he wanted to share.

  3. Walking in nature alone or with loved ones, in silence or with my muses. Walking among the trees and listening to their poems. Feeling the earth. Listening to the song of the Ocean. Listening to the silent stories of the Stones. Vibrating with Crystals.

  4. Sharing with friends over coffee, tea or wine. Sharing stories, helping each other, sharing our poems or creations. That's what I did Saturday, and it has fed me for all these days and erased the worries over recession.



Now it's your turn.


Get pen and paper. List and describe four of your Life Essentials.


Healthy Wealthy

There's is wealthy and there is Healthy Wealthy. Having money is little comfort if you are not happy, healthy, fulfilled, loved, satisfied or simply enjoying your life. But there are many ways to be wealthy that cannot be bought with money and mean much more than money. This is a perfect time to invest in your Healthy Wealthy account.


Healthy Wealthy riches are blessings in your life that do not depend on the economy. They are equally good if we  bail-out or not, if all your stocks come crashing or skyrocket, if you are fired or given a raise. Let's see what in your life is not dependent on money.


Just to be fair, I'll start:

  1. I am here, talking to you, sharing my thoughts and joining the support network that is right now crossing America.

  2. I am alive.

  3. I am in good health.

  4. I have a roof over my head.

  5. I have people who love me.

  6. I have people whom I love.

  7. I have time.

  8. I just wrote a beautiful poem about the recession. Writing it took me deep into myself, and I found myself in the place of the Collective Unconscious. I emerged with a great poem that somehow deepened my appreciation of this crisis.

  9. I met with my artists friends on Saturday at a Cafe and share poems, stories and art, and it's so cheap that I can continue going there even if times get really hard.

  10. I am creating a poetry-dance-art installation from a poem I wrote some time ago, and it's coming out well. I'm discovering a different place in my movements. It's the conversation of my visual artist and my actress-dancer. It costs me absolutely nothing to explore it, because I have given myself the gift of freedom that is my time to create.


Your turn now.

List and describe 10 ways in which you are Healthy Wealthy right now. 


Fireside Stories

You may say that everything depends on the economy, but then everything depends on you being alive and the world maintaining it's rotation. Let go of control and worry, and come back to the center of yourself.


--"Oh, but recession is not only about me!" You may say. "It's about the country, and my family!"


Time for your second journey then. This time you will make family your ally.


Remember the stories of the Great Depression? You probably were not there. So how do you know them? Why are you so scared about this being like the Great Depression if you were not there?


Because your Grandmother or great-grandfather went through it, and your mother told you the stories.


Aren't you missing the point? It was tough. It was a big challenge. But they survived. They moved on. They prospered. A little dented on the edges and perhaps scared about money and needing to fill the refrigerator just to make sure, yes, but they survived. Your grandmother birthed your mother, who gave birth to you. And you are here. And so will your children and spouse.


This, too shall pass.


Write a fireside story like the one your grandma told you about the Great Depression. This is your story about the time in which there was a big scare in the world, and we were facing a Great Depression. In 500 words or less, tell your grandchildren how this came to happen, what was it like and how did it get solved. Tell them about the skills, faith, determination and values you used to survive. Tell them how this make you and your family stronger. How it made our country and the world better.


The Night we Became People Again

Remember the first Great Black Out? There's a beautiful short story called "The Day we Became People Again" (EL Dia que volvimos a ser gente) by the well-known Puerto Rican writer Jose Luis Gonzalez. It's about how that evening the neighbors went up the roof with candles and they became a community again. I saw the same happening on 911. This country became a loving, caring community helping the victims and their families. They showed appreciation to police people and fire people, instead of giving these heroes for granted. I in no way desire or condone these crisis or tragedies. Yet they have oddly restore my faith in the goodness of our people.


Remember the subway strike in the 70s? We took out our bikes, and did car pools and walked across the park, and life went on. I loved to walked across the park to go to work, and continued my walks through Central Park long after that. This moment enriched my life. I began to realize how I had been struggling and rushing and did not make time to do things like walk among the trees. I began to slow down. Shortly after, I stopped smoking, which I have never done again. This probably saved my life.


Your turn now. Remember two situations that were crisis, that were not so good, yet yielded a lesson, a benefit that enriched your life. Write a paragraph about each.


True World Wealth

If you have been doing the exercises, you may be realizing what I am pointing at.


We have grown too complacent, too attached to comfort and consumerism and forgetful of what is the true source of our wealth: Earth Mother. Love of self and others. The beauty of this world. A meaningful life.


We have in many ways diminished the quality of our life to acquire quantity of stuff.


Parents often neglect spending time with their children to work more to pay for more toys and gadgets. Schools keep giving more homework that makes families spend their time together dealing with homework instead of talking. Teachers have to spend more time drilling students for test than making sure they learn well. And so on.


This is an opportunity to slow down, perhaps stop all together, and evaluate how you can make your life simpler, better and more meaningful while helping our economy and Earth Mother to recover.


You can refocus the conversation towards this creative solution. If enough of us put our minds and hearts into this direction, the solution will quickly become evident.


Get some more paper. Breathe deeply and allow the blank page to summon your soul. Search your soul to rekindle the values and qualities that can enrich your personal and social life and the life of this country, of this world. Paint a picture of that personal, national and planetary life post-recession. Paint a better picture and paint yourself making it a reality.


In the I-Ching, the meaning for "Emergency" is the same as for "Emergence." 


On your behalf, I consulted my I-Ching Coins using these two words: Crisis, Opportunity. This is our oracle.


Crisis, Opportunity

31:HSIEN/ Attraction

The joyous Lake is cradled by the tranquil Mountain. The Superior person takes great satisfaction in encouraging others along their journey.

Supreme Success.

There is no greater natural law in the Cosmos than Attraction.
From the magnetic pull of an atom's nucleus to the centrifugal force that spirals a galaxy, the face of the universe is shaped by Attraction.

On a human scale, it is Attraction that fuels procreation and furthers our species. Yet it is also Attraction that spawns greed and covetousness, threatening our extinction.

Attraction is the underlying force in the situation in question.
You are refined or debated by the objects of your desire.




This is a sacred moment. It is a moment in which reality as we know it has stopped. Like the break at dawn, this moment is the beginning and the end of something. It is a Time of Power for alchemists and shamans. This moment is what you make of it. It can be a moment to calibrate the quality of your life, your priorities, and the objects of your desire. It can be a moment to simplify your life and give importance to people, feelings, growth and Essence.


Define this moment on the basis of your spiritual lessons and essential values, and focus on what you want to attract, feeding it time, attention, faith, love, devotion. It will come to you.


Finally, I want to give you a big hug of light. The healing light of love is now in your heart. It heals and cleanses. It illuminates and heightens your vibration. It fills you with joy and attracts more loving energies towards you.


Pay it forward.


Light and Love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist



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Maria Mar is a writer, visual artist, life coach and book writing coach and an internationally known shaman, as well as a dance-theatre performer. Maria has been featured in PBS and BronxNet television and numerous radio stations such as WBAI, WKCR (Columbia University Station), WADO (Spanish Radio), Brooklyn College Radio Station and La Nueva Onda 1190. In the Free from Fear! Digital Kit, you will find a complete handbook with more practices and audio meditations to release fear and stress and to act from your place of power. If you are interested, just subscribe to, and you’ll receive a note when the kit comes out. Maria Mar also offers a live performance/lecture in which she teaches the Free from Fear! process through entertaining and engaging performance and audience participation. Contact Maria Mar if you are interested in having her perform or lecture at your place. Maria Mar also offers the Dream Kit, a guided journey through obstacles that supports the manifestation of your Dreams.

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