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Coping with Recession

Through 11 Acts of Power


 By Maria Mar


Author of self-help novel and Manifestation Kit

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If you are hearing the debates about our economy, you are probably stressed, confused, angry and afraid. Fear creates an impulse to act defensively that can lead to fear-based decisions, which in turn create and attract more fear. Panic leads to decisions that can betray your values and prompt you to act irrationally. To empower you to deal with fear from a place of power, I have created this series entitled Fear, Recession and the Law of Attraction.


This fourth article in a series of four articles, helps you reclaim your power and peace of mind through balanced actions. At the bottom of this article. there's a menu of the Article Series.

At a time of financial crisis, it is normal to be afraid, specially when we are dealing with our survival and our family's survival. This leads to us acting from fear. As a result, we may suffer from:


  • High levels of stress, hypertension, heart attacks, anxiety attacks

  • Insomnia

  • De-motivation, inability to concentrate, resistance to do our work

  • High levels of fear and toxic anger, frustration, shame, resentment and other pent-up emotional toxins

  • Revival of our Inner Enemies, crowding our psyche with the terrifying thought-threads and feelings based on our learned false beliefs connected to money, survival, the world as hostile and other negative scenarios

  • Resurrection of old, inherited scripts about money, deprivation and poverty

  • Feelings of powerlessness that lead to depression

  • Clouded vision that does not allow us to see the big picture, to understand what is really going on, or to see how we are being used.

  • Decisions or reactions that betray our values.

  • Decisions or reactions that are not beneficial to us.

  • Rushed decisions to cut our creative, spiritual and quality of life features to stick to the bare-basics, impoverishing our life even more and cutting down the sources of peace, support and self-empowerment.

  • Isolation

  • Plugging ourselves obsessively to the "Bad News Media" until we are over-saturated with bad news, creating more stress and fear.


If you are going through any of this, here are some simple tips. You will find useful practices and resources below.


  1. Recognize how the current climate is created by fear more than by facts, and how this fear is plugging into your own fear. Detach from that fear. Refuse to be dragged into that fear.

  2. Use your fear from a place of power. Instead of reacting, seeking someone to guide you in our leaderless government, or sinking into depression (emotional, I mean) ~use your fear to address the depths of our social, cultural, ecological, spiritual and personal crisis. Seek to understand not only your personal survival but our planetary picture. You will become a more powerful, wise and compassionate being and this will help you make good decisions and not be a victim to fear. To this end, I include some insightful and challenging websites and analysts in the Resources article of this series.

  3. Be selective of what news and debates you watch on TV and read about and seek the truth relentlessly. Seek balanced views by reading alternative analysis from alternative media. There are lots of media resources in the internet. Media from other countries can often give you leverage in understanding what our media is either hidden or misrepresenting.

    Part of the problem in trying to inform yourself, is that you give too much authority to the media and the politicians. Let's examine this for a minute.

    Remember that the media is owned by corporations, and they have vested interests. Don't buy into the media objectivity myth. That makes your powerless in front of whatever news they choose to broadcast in whatever tone they select. The media wants top ratings. Haven't you noticed how negative news, scandals and other sensationalist stories are featured repeatedly? They are manipulating your fear to get you hook. Detach from fear and seek other media without such tepid agendas.

    As for politicians, they are also prone to manipulate fear to get votes and to blame each other for the problems while obstructing any solution. They are part of the problem. Seek serious leaders, intellectuals and non-partisan experts that can bring level-headed knowledge to the table.

  4. Seek coaches, experts and analysts that focus on problem-solving. When you seek to focus on the solution, the problem usually starves until it disappears either by your solution or by your lack of feeding it attention. In the Resources article, I include some events by experts.

  5. Add a large dosage of humor. Laughter does wonders to dispel fear and put things in perspective. Below you will find some intelligent humor on this recession.

  6. Give yourself lots of off-news time. The truth is that both, politicians and the media thrive on crisis, bad news and intense negative passions. It's better to choose when and where you will be informed and stay away from the endless barrage of fear-mongering press. While you do not want to be alienated, the media and the politicians use our attachment to negativity, fear and curiosity to keep us on a loop. This creates high levels of negativity and stress in your being.

  7. Counteract the present communications with creative, positive, spiritual and uplifting activities, news and readings. In the Resources article, I include books as well as sites and events to help you uplift your vibrations to stay strong. People tend to cut back on self-cultivation, creative activities and other quality of life support to "save" during hard times. This is a mistake for two reasons. If you begin to think and feel "poor" --that is what your will attract. In addition, creativity is your lifeline in moments like this. Preserve the quality of your life, feed your joy and sustain at least two creative activities per month. Dance, sing, paint, take martial arts or whatever it is that you like. In fact, beginning a creative course right now will probably help you stay healthy and prosperous during these times. And don't forget to feed your mind positive reading! Creativity is the antidote to depression (both financial and emotional) and to war.

  8. Discipline your mind. Do not allow this fear to bring chaos to your thoughts by taking over your mind and time. Assign yourself a specific time to think, strategize, research and address the problems caused by this financial crisis. Make a specific appointment to do so and create a positive, peaceful environment for the task. Call on your spiritual allies, seek God and from that place of faith and peace, address the issue. Refuse to worry or engage in chaotic, overwhelming, negative thinking, and refuse to consider the problem at any other than the scheduled time.

  9. Make a shift of perception. Remember that perception creates your world. Right now, it is the perception of recession that is worsening the recession, as everyone panics and starts taking negative, desperate measures. Here's food for thought.

Obstacles are often arrows pointing to the right direction.

As long as you are seeing only the negative aspects of a problem, you cannot see the potential solution or the inherent opportunity.


In the I-Ching, the meaning for "Emergency" is the same as for "Emergence." See this crisis as an opportunity.

  1. Surround yourself with positive stories and news and with the presence of positive people who are thriving right now. Below you will find some ways to do this. In my radio shows I have been interviewing people who are thriving right now. The other day I was interviewing Denise Coates, the Law of Attraction coach who used her knowledge of the Law of Attraction to get a great publishing deal from a top publisher. Hearing stuff like that gives us a perspective that it's not the end of the world, as the media and politicians want to make us believe. Denise Coates' book, "Feel it Real!" is one of the books I suggest in the Resources Article.

  2. Keep working the law of attraction from a place of positive emotional vibration. Do not allow negativity to bring your vibrational frequency down. You create prosperity with your power of manifestation. I have included two tools at the bottom of this article that you can use to sustain your Attraction Power. One is Denise Coates' Feel it Real! A great book I am now re-reading. And my own "Catch the Dream Express"- a ride to manifesting your dream. Stay strong!


If you are feeling fear and anxiety at this moment, below you will find some easy practices to return to center and act from your core strength, as well as some useful resources from our partners, including some good old Laughing Medicine.


Light and Love,

Maria Mar

The Dream Alchemist


PD: In Article 2, Release Fear During Recession, I help you spot and transform the Fear Reflex. In Article 3, I help you to Vibrate at Healthy Wealth. In Article 4, I  guide you on  how to Reclaim your Power and Peace Through 11 Acts of Power. Below each article, there are practices, alternative news and analysis, resources and events to help you address this financial crisis from a place of peace and power.




Maria Mar is a writer, visual artist, life coach and book writing coach and an internationally known shaman, as well as a dance-theatre performer. Maria has been featured in PBS and BronxNet television and numerous radio stations such as WBAI, WKCR (Columbia University Station), WADO (Spanish Radio), Brooklyn College Radio Station and La Nueva Onda 1190. Maria has brandished creative writing, arts & crafts and conscious living as a tool for life transformation and specializes in personal growth through the arts and freeing the creative process. She is known as the Dream Alchemist, helping individuals and groups awaken to their potential. She is the CEO of ShamansDance Publishing and Productions and the author of Catch the Dream Express: Ride the Law of Attraction into your Dream.

Visit her websites at: and


Fear, Recession and the Law of Attraction


  •  Article 1 above, lets you know how fear blocks your power to create change and to find solutions. It offers simple practices to release fear.

  • Article 2  reveals how fear triggers the voices of your Inner Enemies and how to neutralize these fear-based defenses to avoid being manipulated.

  •  Article 3  inspires you to vibrate to healthy wealth. It also guides you to expand your vibration and consciousness to encompass our nation and the world in a vibration of healthy wealth and harmony, so that we can quickly transform this crisis into positive change.

  •  Article 4 helps you reclaim your power and peace of mind through balanced actions.

  • Resources: This session include practices, alternative news and analysis, events and resources to enable you to make sound decisions, stay calm and peaceful and keep walking on your prosperity path.


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