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Creating your Service Vision

  • Magical, tender and full of Female Wisdom, this story has been created as an empowerment ceremony for women.


  • This ceremony allows you to bring together your uniqueness, talents, skills and passion into a “Gift Bundle” ~and then structure these gifts in a way that they can sustain your livelihood.


  • This is a most-read for women entrepreneurs or women who want to make their living from what they love to do.


In this 45-page ebook, you will enjoy one of the most delightful stories in the novel that comes with The Dream Kit, Angelina & the Law of Attraction.

Angelina travels back on time to when Pop, her grandpa, was teaching little Angie about her talents and how to offer them to the world. She finds herself inside the long-gone tree house, facing her estranged brother Billy. Not only does Angelina gets her grandpa back; she remembers the innocent, wise little girl she was. She discovers her brother’s dilemma and why he changed when their dad left them. Flip to the present, and Pop's spirit helps Angelina to remember her Essence and to gather her talents into a Service Vision that allows her to make money by doing what she loves.


In this ebook, the chapter from the novel is accompanied by a section from The Dream Kit's workbook. This section allows you to use journal writing to develop your "Gift Bundle" step by step.


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