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The Dream Alchemist

María Mar is a modern renaissance woman who has reclaimed her vast creative potential and helps other women do the same. She is an inspirer and a spiritual teacher who helps women live their dreams right now.



PBS-TV featured artist-shaman María Mar integrates writing, visual art and performance to create interactive art experiences that have a profound effect in your life.


Maria Mar is an author, poet, healer and spiritual teacher whose life mission is to inspire you to live fully. She mentors women to unleash their greatness.  Maria marries her artistry and imagination with her wisdom and energy tools as a healer and shaman to offer powerful tools for self-transformation, healing and manifestation. Enjoy ceremonies that quicken the Law of Attraction, audios that take you into a healing journey and art that shifts your consciousness.








The Author

Maria has published more than a dozen books and other products and is usually cooking several books and products in the ovens of her imagination. At the moment, her books and products include include:



and the upcoming:




The ArtistMaria Mar and Corazon Tierra in ceremonial poem in a Poetry Botanica's performance, New York, 2008.

As an artist, Maria is a performer, writer, visual artist and storyteller with more than 20 years of professional experience. She integrates poetry, performance, visual arts and storytelling with her healing and transformational knowledge to deliver powerful, magical and unforgettable transformational experiences on stage.


Maria Mar's live performances, featured in PBS, Channel 13, are community ceremonies where the spectators become SpectActors in ceremonies of healing, transformation and empowerment.

She presents chunks of life onstage, offering simple solutions to life's complicated problems.



LifeBites: On Stage.

FlightDream Performances

Storytelling Series

Dreams are Never Tiny Poetry Rites of Passage





Media Appearances

As featured in:


PBS-Channel 13












Her wise counsel, with tools and insights for women's lives, has been featured in a variety of media outlets, including PBS, Channel 13 and BronxNet television and numerous radio stations such as WBAI, WKCR (Columbia University Station), WADO (Spanish Radio), Brooklyn College Radio Station and La Nueva Onda 1190 and the Wise Chicks Show. Her presence online includes her may articles as a Law of Attraction expert in Selfgrowth.com, as well as in WE Magazine and other online magazines and printed media. (See Media room for more information.)


Maria Mar's healing voice is one of her Medicines, bringing peace and insights into any encounter. Humor, compassion and piercing honesty are her trademarks. She offers Spirit with Spice!



Maria Mar's art methodology was featured in Puro Teatro: A Latina Anthology, published by The University of Arizona Press in 2000.

Published by University of Arizona Press. Click for credits and contact address.

















Maria Mar as a speaker

For more information on Maria Mar as a speaker,

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The Activist and Expert

As a specialist in arts for personal growth, Maria Mar has worked with more than 70 organizations, institutions and venues in the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South Africa. (Read testimonies and commendations.)


Maria Mar was the artistic and executive director of a non-profit, Ecuelecuá Interarts, for six years. In this capacity, she networked with women's organizations and service organizations, to bring her performances to their clients, creating empowerment workshops and interactive art events to help them explore alternative lifestyles, prevention of social problems and other relevant issues.


She has been active in the prevention of family violence through consciousness raising and empowerment events using the arts.


Maria Mar also helps people experience their deep to earth and nature. She has created Ecoperformances and Ecodances to connect people to the environment, helping humans become aware that they are one with the planet.


Women's empowerment is a dear cause to Maria, who has developed five methodologies to help women assume their personal power and manifest the life of their dreams. Maria has more than 20 years of experience facilitating workshops and interactive performances to help awaken women's personal power.


As Maria found herself homeless before creating her current business, she created an ebook that is available for free distribution to help homeless people or people who have met a catastrophe. It can also be used as a fundraising for these causes.


The Empty Hands: Psychic Key to Transform Crisis into Affluence (Not for sale. Avalaible for fundraising to help the homeless or in catastrophes.)


Fundraise for your organization using Maria Mar's products


Fundraise for Environmental causes using Maria Mar's The Tao of Trees Project.



The Wise Woman

As a shaman, Maria Mar is a Woman of Power. This means that she has transformed her pain into power, her emotional wounds into her Personal Medicine.


She has trained for 14 intensive years in a full-time path to reclaim Female Wisdom. She has reclaimed the power of art as a ritual for individual and community transformation. Maria Mar walks her talk. Each book, digital product, performance or program she creates comes out of her own journey to freedom. She has worked, healed and addressed thousands of women in the USA, South Africa, Mexico and other countries.

Maria Mar has developed several female-wisdom based systems to help women in their self-empowerment, spiritual evolution and success. These are:


Catch the Dream Expressä

Maria Mar has created a map that takes you from where you are right now through a journey where you learn to melt the obstacles in your path and attract the allies and resources you need, to create your Dreamlife. Using storytelling (either in the novel, storytelling events or the visual and audio tools available in the membership), Maria Mar offers you a ride through your fears into your dream.


Especially created for the way you learn as a woman, through empathy, relationships and sensual immersion, this system offers you creative tools to release the obstacles to your Personal Dream. Through conscious living, journal writing and fun arts and crafts projects, you apply and quicken the power of the Laws of Attraction, Manifestation and Alignment.


Climb into the Dream Express and ride into your dream.

Find out how to use the novel as a roadmap to your dream.



Breastfeed Your Dreamä

Use your organic strengths as a woman to gestate, birth and breastfeed your Personal Dream in nine months! This system includes a national campaign to support women to go for their dreams and a free women's community to nurture women who are working towards their Personal Dream or Life's Purpose.


Join the Breastfeed your Dream Community

Join the Breastfeed your Dream community



Hunt Down the Inner Enemies of your Successä

Train as a Shadow Huntress. Track down the Inner Enemies of your Success and re-cast them as allies to your dream. This system helps people understand how their defensive strategies and sub-personalities are created, how they are governed by False Beliefs unknown to them consciously, and how to free themselves from all those patterns to assume their Personal Power.


This system is present and offered in every other website and system Maria offers, because it is fundamental to allow you to release the past and move from Habit-choices to Free-choices. Read more.



FlightDream Systemä

This personal growth system makes use of popular fairy tales to reveal the most crippling self-sabotage MOs in women. It then helps women to use those same fairy tales to transmute their self-sabotage into Emotional Streams of Affluence. Uses creative activities, journal writing and conscious living to help women become the protagonists of their own re-written fairy tale. Read more.




The Bewomaning Experienceä

Helping women free their Female Powers and become the protagonists of their own life. Intense self-knowledge is offered through the Bewomaning Divas, who are 11 Female Power Archetypes and alchemical formulas to transmute pain into power.



As many of Maria Mar's systems, she embodies the principles in a story. In this case, the upcoming novel Lucia and the Bewomaning Divas (A woman's journey from heartbreak and heartbreak to prosperity and fulfillment). Reserve your copy of the novel


Helps women take time and space for themselves in their own lives and to bring their Female (Shakti) and Male (Shiva) powers into balance to be effective in the world.




Website and novel coming out on 2012.

Reserve your copy of the novel




Maria Mar, the Entrepreneur

Today Maria Mar is the CEO of a Latina-owned company, ShamansDance Publishing & Productions, Inc. ~a company that she created with Corazon Tierra. ShamansDance uses art as a tool for personal growth and women's empowerment.




About The Bewomaning Experienceä

About ShamansDance


Bewomaning is a life solution system designed by a Woman of Power, specifically for women who want to achieve success and happiness in ways that are meaningful to their soul. It unearths the wealth of female wisdom buried deep inside you. It offers you inspiration, as well as practical tools that you can use in your every day life. Bewomaning ignites the shifts of perception you need to transform your life, attract allies and resources and manifest your dream.

The Bewomaning Experience(tm) is the process by which  you immerse yourself in a creative, soulful journey that changes you from within, allowing you to assume and express your full power as a woman. This process addresses your emotions and the wisdom of your body, as well as your mind and spirituality. It brings you into fullness and helps you give  yourself permission to live a fulfilled, joyful life.

Bewomaning is the creation of PBS-featured author, performer, artist and shaman Maria Mar, who has worked with thousands of women in the USA and abroad.

About Maria Mar

About ShamansDance



ShamansDance uncovers the alchemical power of art to transmute your pain into power. We fuse the power of books, personal growth tools and the arts to help you fly into your dream! Through art we help you find a path to your power that responds to the Female Way of Knowing.


Enjoy our Creative collections, where we integrate art performances, interactive events, workshops, books and products to enrich the lives of:

  • Women and their families- The Bewomaning Collection, by Maria Mar, helps women become the protagonists in their own life and life fully and joyfully, flying towards their dream.

  • Young girls and women- The Beloved BodySoul Collection, by Corazon Tierra, helps women live joyfully in their bodies.


ShamansDance empowers you to use art as an alchemy to transform your life. Our art is interactive and relevant to life. It transforms you from a spectator into a SpectActor.


ShamansDance is a woman-owned and Latino-owned business. Founders María Mar and Corazón Tierra are two professional artists with more than 40 years of combined experience in theatre, dance theatre, visual arts and professional writing, both in the fiction and non-fiction genre. They are also experts in the field of personal growth through the arts.


María Mar and Corazón Tierra underwent a 12-year training as contemporary shamans using the arts to achieve personal freedom. During this training they developed unique systems and philosophies that are the trademark of ShamansDance. These artists-shamans integrate their spiritual knowledge and personal power tools into our beautiful performances, inspiring books and empowering internet products to help you reach you full potential and live creatively.


Like the shamans of old, María Mar and Corazón Tierra dance and enact stories that take you into a magical quest for your hidden talents, lost dreams and personal power. In our performances, the audience becomes a community coming together to rise above their individual limitations in an empowerment ceremony of art, personal growth and inspiration.

One-time-only special!


About Maria Mar

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